Current Projects

Projects in Process

The Galena Plaza project is part of the larger City offices project and will update the plaza with improved circulation and landscape features.  Schematic design of the plaza has been completed and is due for City Council review in late summer 2020.

Wheeler Opera House: After successful completion of the freight elevator modernization and substantial building mechanical upgrades in the summer of 2020, a second phase of the infrastructure project will begin in August 2020 at the Wheeler Opera House. This project phase entails the exterior masonry for the façade of the historic building.  There will be a substantial amount of stone repaired or replaced on the building exterior where it has weathered substantially.  This facelift will require the building to be scaffolded through the end of 2020.  The restoration effort is coordinated by the City’s Historic Preservation Department, Asset Department, and historical architect Mills & Schnoering.

Armory: The Armory project was earmarked for construction commencement in late 2021. The design and construction has been placed on hold due to budgetary considerations. The renovation of the historical building was in the initial design stages when funding for the project was placed on hold as part of the City-wide assessment of the 2020 Spring Supplemental Budget.  

For information, please click on the link Aspen Pedestrian Mall.