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The public can get up-to-date information on the project in the following ways:

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The week of April 29, the Rio Grande Place road closure will shift east and access to the Rio Grande Parking Garage will change. Please read the construction update for details.

Construction Update – April 25, 2019

(May-June) Phase IIB Road Closure and Parking Garage Access Map

Galena Plaza Public Space Connections | Public Process Update:

 Galena Plaza will play an important role in the long-term vision of enhancing the City of Aspen’s downtown connection with John Denver Sanctuary and the Roaring Fork River. Opportunities to engage in improvements to the public space connections around Galena Plaza will be taking place in June and throughout the summer. This effort will be led by the City of Aspen Parks and Open Space department. Sign up for “New City Offices” NotifyMe updates to receive updates on opportunities for involvement.

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