Security Alarm System Permits

Alarm system camera attached to a buildingIn 2019, the Aspen Police Department reported more than 1,270 emergency alarm system calls. The vast majority of these calls were determined to be false alarms. Time spent responding to false alarms prevents public safety resources from responding to true emergencies. The Aspen Police Department is dedicated to continuously working with the emergency alarm system industry and users to reduce the number of false alarm instances.

Emergency Alarm System Permitting Information

Title 10 of the City of Aspen Municipal Code regulates the operation of emergency alarm systems within the city limits of Aspen. This ordinance states that “every alarm user shall obtain an alarm user’s permit for each separate emergency alarm system”. Automatic dialers programmed to directly notify APD are also regulated by this ordinance and prohibited.

All emergency alarm systems within the city limits must be permitted through the Aspen Police Department annually. The alarm user is ultimately responsible for notifying the APD of the installation of an emergency alarm system, changes of address, emergency contacts, canceled service, and billing information. If you have sold the property, the alarm permit cannot be transferred to the new owner. 

The Aspen Police Department will only respond to permitted alarms. 

Please note that we will charge for false alarms. If you have defective equipment and need to have it repaired, please contact your service provider. Be sure you know how to properly use the emergency alarm system. Please keep your emergency alarm system running smoothly.

Any emergency alarm system which has four (4) or more false alarms within a permit year shall be subject to permit revocation, pursuant to Code 10.04.080.