Policy Agenda

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City Council Policy Agenda

The Council’s Policy Agenda serves as a guideline to regional, state, and federal policy leaders for reference when considering decisions impacting the City of Aspen.

If you have potential legislation you would like the Aspen City Council to consider taking a position on, please contact: Tara.Nelson@CityofAspen.com.

City Council Policy Papers


Letter to Congresswoman Boebert

American Families Plan letter to Congress

Climate Mayors letter to Congress

American Jobs Plan letter to Senator Hickenlooper

SHRED Act of 2021

For the People Act of 2021

SB21-260 Op Ed Transportation bill

HB21-1162 Letter to Rep McCluskie

HB21-1131 Pitkin County and City of Aspen support letter

HB21-1119 Pitkin County and City of Aspen support letter

HB21-1117 Clarify Local Government Authority to Promote Affordable Housing Units support letter

HB21-1162 Plastic Products Management support letter

HR 803 Letter to Congresswoman Boebert 

GHG Reduction letter to AQCC

Transportation Funding Package letter to Governor Polis

Mountain Pact letter to Biden

ICLEI letter to Biden Harris

Clean Energy Accelerator support letter

Council member Rachael Richards letter to Congresswoman Lauren Boebert

Council member Ann Mullins letter to Congresswoman Lauren Boebert


Letter to Governor for Public Transportation Local Control

Support for Proposition EE

Support for Amendment B repeal of Gallagher Amendment

CORE Act support letter to Senator Gardner

Thank You Senator Michael Bennet

State Uniform Testing Strategy Needed

Early Childhood Educator Workforce

Nicotine Product Regulation

Great American Outdoors Act

NLC WaterNow Fed Infrastructure Funding

LWCF full funding request

Letter to support small business insurance claim denials

CARES Act Letter from Regional Governments 

Fair Share Request from CARES Act Money

Third Coronavirus Supplemental Funding Bill

NEPA comment letter City of Aspen & Pitkin County

SB20-010 Repeal Ban of Prohibition of Local Government Regulation of Plastics

HB20-1053 support letter Early Childhood Educator Workforce

HB20-1016 support letter Increase Quality in Early Childhood Education Programs 

HB20-1016 support letter Increase Quality in Early Childhood Education Programs

Support for legislation to fund Colorado Water Plan

Support for Pitkin County & Holy Cross & Aspen Sanitation District Solar Farm


Funding Colorado Water Plan

In Support of Proposition DD - Tax sports betting in support of Colorado Water Plan

Oppose expansion Mid-Continent Quarry

Memo Supporting Full-Day Kindergarten Funding

Supporting Thompson Divide Coalition

In Support of Proposition CC - Retention of TABOR funds

Broadband services