Construction Information for COVID-19

**COVID CONSTRUCTION UPDATE: Face Mask Update as of June 9th: All site workers, visitors, etc. must always have a cloth face mask in their possession. Cloth face masks must only be worn while within 6 feet of another person. Cloth masks will follow CDC guidelines.

Carpooling Requirements:
· Hand sanitizer is used by each passenger when entering the vehicle.
Cada pasajero tiene que usar el gel antibacterial al entrar al vehículo
· The number of passengers has been reduced by 50% of the vehicle’s occupancy, and passengers sit in locations to maximize the distance between one another.
El número de pasajeros dentro del vehículo ha sido reducido por 50%, y los pasajeros se sientan en forma de agrandar la distancia entre cada persona
· Passengers will wear a non-medical, cloth face-covering when in a vehicle containing more than 1 person.
Pasajeros usarán máscaras no médicas, o cubiertas de tela sobre sus caras cuando en un vehículo que tiene más que 1 persona.
· All high-contact surfaces of the vehicle, such as steering wheel, seatbelts, door handles, and console, shall be properly disinfected in between uses by different employees and at the end of each day.
Toda superficie de alto contacto del vehículo será desinfectada entre cada uso por empleados diferentes y al final de cada dia (como el volante, cinturones de seguridad, las manijas de las puertas, y la consola del vehículo)

COVID-19 Construction Site Safety Plan & Daily Log

The City of Aspen has finalized a standardized COVID-19 Site Safety Plan and submittal process, links to both are below. The standardized plan is extensive and demonstrates compliance with Pitkin County Health Orders. For all construction, the general contractor must fill out and submit the site safety document. The link below provides a fillable form for you to complete and submit. The contractor needs to be sure to complete all areas and insert site specific details to the standardized plan. All fields must be completed in order to be considered for approval. Different site safety plans will not be considered, so please complete and tailor the standardized plan to your project. Further instructions on how to submit the plan are below. If you have an active permit/construction site, please utilize the link for active permits. If you are in the process of applying for and/or have a permit under review, please utilize the link for permit review.

Subcontractors: Subcontractors on a project do NOT need to submit a plan, they will work under the plan submitted by the general contractor. 

Right-of-Way Permits: Contractors with right-of-way (ROW) permits NOT associated with a building permit are required to submit a safety plan as part of the permit submittal. If the ROW permit is associated with a building permit, they will work under the plan submitted by the general contractor. 

Non-permitted work: If your project does not require any permit, you are NOT required to submit a COVID Site Safety Plan. You are required to adhere to the Pitkin County Health Order requirements that can be found here. The contractor is required to have a Company Safety Plan on site during the work.

Please review the City of Aspen site safety plan requirements hereThese requirements need to be met in the creation of a Site Safety Plan and be implemented on-site during construction on a daily basis. A quick presentation on the basic job site requirements during COVID construction can be found here. This presentation will help general contractors put together site safety plans and ensure general contractors are knowledgeable to enforce field compliance on their projects.

FORMULARIOS EN ESPAÑOL: Porfavor de revisar los requisitos de la Ciudad de Aspen para la seguridad de sus proyectos aqui. Instrucciones de como someter su plan para su projecto de construccion se encuentran aqui. 

Construction will be allowed to commence once City approval is received. If a site gains approval to restart construction, an Approval Notice will be issued by the City of Aspen. This document shall be printed in color and posted onsite so it is visible by inspectors and law enforcement.

Please reach out to with questions


LINK to Active Permit Submittal Directions.

Link to Permit Review Submittal Directions.

LINK to Standardized Site Safety Plan.

LINK to List of Approved Covid-19 Submissions (updated weekly)


Daily Logs: Once construction has been approved and restarted, each construction site is required to complete and submit a Contractor Daily Log to Pitkin County. The form and submission of the log can be found here.

Approved Sites: A list of construction sites with approval to work can be found in the link above. All sites with approval should have a City of Aspen Approval Notice posted on the job site.


Food Trucks

Food trucks can service construction sites provided the following requirements are met:

1) Food comes from an approved source.

2) Food comes from a commissary holding a current State of Colorado Food Service Establishment license.

3) The food truck is inspected in conjunction with the food license.

4) Social distancing among food truck staff and customers is practiced.

5 As of the public health order in effect today (May 4, 2020), a gathering of no more than 5 unrelated people at a time are approved near the truck. This number can change as the public health order is updated.

6) Customers are not allowed to self-serve. Food must be handed from the driver to the customer, personal contact minimized (eg. exchange of currency).

7) Masks covering the nose and mouth are required by everyone. Hand sanitizer/hand washing is required.


Neighboring Jurisdictions

Note: If you have plans for other jurisdictions, please visit their specific sites for submission protocol. Neighboring municipalities will manage its own construction safety plan applications. Building permit holders may find applications in the municipality that holds their permit.

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