MuniRevs/Lodging Revs

click here for more information about the current moratorium on residential building and str permitsPer Ordinance 27, there is currently a temporary pause on the issuance of new residential building and vacation rental permits. Find more information here.

MuniRevs New Account Activation

Filing and Electronic Payments

The City of Aspen has launched a paperless, online tax collection and business licensing system, MUNIRevs.

All future notices and payments will be handled electronically. You will receive notification on delinquent filings and license renewals electronically.

The City will no longer

⦁ Accept returns or payments at PO BOX 912513 Denver, CO 80291-2513

⦁ Send paper sales tax return booklets

⦁ Send paper business license renewal notices

⦁ Accept checks or cash

Payments and returns must be submitted online. Reminders and notices will be sent via email exclusively.

Payments can be made with no fee via Bank Account Transfer (E-Check), ACH Credit (Upon City Approval) and with a 2% fee via Credit Card. (We do not accept AMEX as a payment type)

To access your existing sales tax and/or business licenses, please follow the registration steps below.

Need Assistance?

Login and account access help is available

Days and Hours:

Monday through Friday 

8am to 5pm MST


Telephone: 1-888-751-1911


When contacting support, be sure to include the jurisdiction (City of Aspen) and your account number in all emails or voicemails. This will help MuniRevs assist you as promptly as possible. 

Additionally, the FAQ section will have answers to a number of common questions.