Bulk Filing

There will be a new feature that will allow CPA’s and other designated representatives to file all managed accounts at once.

bulk filing 1

The Bulk Filing feature is used to complete multiple tax forms at once. It is designed to be a copy/paste from an excel workbook.

Bulk Filing can be used for tax forms with or without deductions. See below for a format example. If you do not have any deductions, use the "No Deductions" tab format. If you have any deductions on any form, you must use the "With Deductions" tab format. Even if it's just one deduction on one account, you must use the With Deduction format. Please insert a 0 in a field with no deductions.

Use the "Expand to Show Deductions" button to load tax forms with deductions. You do not need to click this button if you do not have deductions.

Copy your data from excel and paste in the blank field below. Please note that if you are pasting from excel, the data will be pipe delimited, as excel is already pipe delimited. That is why it is recommended that you complete the tax forms in excel and then copy into Bulk Filing.

When you have pasted your tax data and verified that all your information is correct, press the orange Submit button to proceed to the checkout cart and pay your tax liability.

Helpful Hint: All of the columns in Bulk Filing are sort-able, so if you sort Bulk Filing and your excel by account number, you will be able to copy everything into Bulk Filing in the correct columns. Use the red Remove button if you do not want to complete a tax return using Bulk Filing. If you removed a form and want to add it back, click Save and Return to Business Center. Click back into Bulk Filing and you will see the form. You will need to re-paste your form data in the field below in order to include the form in Bulk Filing.

No Deduction Excel Upload Format

bulk filing 2

With Deduction Excel Upload Format

bulk filing 3

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