Determine if a Permit is Required

Determine if Land Use Approval is Needed - Inquiring if the Development in Allowed

Start an Application

Submit a Permit

*Please only submit when your application is fully complete*

Incomplete applications will not be processed

If Needed - Compile and Respond to Comments

  • Relevant City Agencies will issue comments as necessary regarding changes needed to bring permit into compliance.

Pick Up Approved Permits

  • Intake staff will contact you when your permit is ready to pick up
  • All applicable fees must be paid before your permit is issued
  • Building Permits: the job site must have at all times:
    • Posted orange permit record (easily visible)
    • Stamped, approved set of blueprints (full color, 24" x 36")

Pass Inspections

Obtain Certificate of Occupancy (CO) or Letter of Completion (LOC)

  • Once all final inspections have been passed, a CO or LOC will be issued
  • This process can take two to four weeks
  • The CO or LOC will be mailed once complete