Kids Thrive

Our community and Colorado prosper when our kids thrive because they are our future workforce, leaders and community members. All kids, no matter where they live need high-quality care giving for their development. We all have a role to play in helping parents and caregivers prepare Colorado's kids for the future.

Children’s social and emotional development begins before birth and is just as important to their success as their cognitive and physical development.

Children's physical health also begins before birth and lays the foundation for future healthy development.

Services and policies that help strengthen families, prevent abuse and neglect, aid caregivers struggling with adversity, and promote positive interactions within families and caregivers help kids develop their potential.

Flu season...

has begun and typically lasts until late spring. Immunization is the best way to prevent vaccine preventable diseases including the flu! Help protect those who have the greatest risk of complications from the flu (very young, very old, pregnant women and those with chronic health conditions) by getting vaccinated today. 

Everyone 6 months and up should get a flu shot each year.  Here are other ways to help fight the flu:

*Wash hands frequently

*Sanitize toys

*Teach kids to cough in their elbow (like a vampire!)

*Keep kids home from school and child care if they have any flu symptoms

Find out more about the Flu at

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Local Resources & Programs

Find information about local resources and programs that support kids and families.

Websites on Social Emotional Development

See websites with more information on social emotional development.

Websites on Children's Physical Development