New Permitting System for Encroachments, Right of Way & Landscape and Grading Permits

Our new permit management system started July 2nd 2019.  To start the registration process you will need to sign in to get system access. 

If you already have a log in, go to the portal by clicking here.  

If you need assistance, please contact customer support: or call 970-920-5065

  1. Temporary Encroachment
  2. Permanent Encroachment
  3. ROW Permit (street cut)
  4. Earth Retention Permit

Temporary Encroachment Permit Portal

Affidavit of Insurance Coverage (PDF)

  • Project involves any work that temporarily occupies, constructs, places items within, or maintains items within the public right of way

Extended Impact Permit (PDF)  must be obtained for projects "Manufacturing on Site"

Other Engineering Permits

  1. Landscape/Grading Permit
  2. Smuggler Superfund Permit

Submit an application through the Salesforce portal. Acceptable forms of payment for permit fees include: credit cards, checks and e-checks.   

Landscape Grading Permit Requirements 


Landscape / Grading Permit Portal

Project involves:

  1. 200 Square feet or More of Exterior Work
  2. 1,000 Square feet or More of Total Landscaping That Includes Changes in Hardscape, Grade, or Drainage Patterns
  3. One of the Following Areas / Zones:
    • Historic Property
    • Floodplain or Stream Margin
    • Smuggler Mountain Superfund Site
    • 8040 Greenline Review Area
    • Involves Hardscaping in the Setbacks
    • Involves Removal of Trees

Call Before You Dig!

Call Before You Dig

Remember to call 8-1-1 or contact UNCC before you dig!