Distribution Standards

The Water Distribution System Standards, prepared under the direction of the City of Aspen Deputy Director of Utilities, are published by the City of Aspen to provide a minimum design and construction criteria for any covered distribution system component installed within the community water system service area; or similar components installed outside the service area, but where eventual connection to the City system is contemplated. Where any provision of this Water Distribution System Standard is inconsistent with provisions of the Municipal Code, the Municipal Code or water policies adopted by City Council (Resolution No. 5 Series of 1993) will take precedence.

Distribution Standards Documents

Water Distribution System Standards

Latest revision and publish date:  January 11, 2019.

Distribution Standards Stakeholder Review Process

The City of Aspen Utilities Department has published a draft version of the City’s 2019 Water Distribution System Standards. Copies of this draft document can be obtained via the link above. 

The Utilities Department is soliciting stakeholder comments for the revision of these standards. Questions or comments regarding the City of Aspen’s 2019 Water Distribution System Standards can be submitted via email to Ryan Loebach at ryan.loebach@cityofaspen.com. Questions and comments should be as specific as possible when referring to the standards by referencing page numbers, section numbers, etc. within the document. 

Stakeholder questions/comments will receive a public response posted here:  

Water Distribution Standards - Public Comments

This database shall be updated as often as comments are received. 

 Deadline for Question/Comment Submittal: March 22, 2019

 Final Water Distribution System Standards, incorporating appropriate stakeholder comments, will be published April 1, 2019.