Aspen's Clean Air Story

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  • Over the past 30 years air quality has improved significantly in Aspen.
  • These improvements come from strategic, coordinated efforts across City government and community organizations to prioritize our clean mountain air.
  • For a snapshot read the 2018 Air Quality Summary Report and for more detail read the Full 2018 Air Quality Report.

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What Does the City Do to Keep Aspen's Air Clean?

The City has an Air Quality Specialist that prioritizes the protection of Aspen's air quality through collaboration among City departments and community partners. 

Local Air Quality Regulations

Local Air Quality Regulations

Local Program Impacts

Local Air Program Impacts

How Can You Help?

  1. Use to get daily, health based information about the local air you breathe to help protect your health and the health of your loved ones.
  2. Commute Clean to reduce ozone-forming pollution. Try RFTA, the Downtowner, We-Cycle, Car to Go, walking, biking or go electric!
  3. Support Local Work to keep our air clean. Reference this report to advocate for the programs noted here.