Parking in Residential Area

A Residential Permit Parking (RPP) Zone is a residential area where on street parking is restricted. The RPP program was developed as a tool to balance the needs of all who parks on our streets, including residents, visitors and commuters.

Parking in residential areas is limited to residents, business and commuters who obtain permits. Parking is not enforced after 6 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday in residential areas only.

Residential Parking Rules:

Two hours FREE parking per day, no re-park. One visit per residential zone, per day.

Paid parking is $8 per day.

Carpools permits are obtained by driving with two or more adults of driving age and allow free parking in residential zones. 

Residents with proof of eligibility may get ONE guest permit only. Residents may be eligible to add a virtual permit only if the vehicle is registered to your address in that Residential Zone.

You must move your vehicle every 72-hours, even if you have a Residential Parking permit.The 72 hour ordinance is enforced on a complaint basis.

EV and NEVs get to park for FREE with a permit. Register at the Parking Department

Hybrids park for 50% off the current price with a permit. Register at the Parking Department.

Construction spots may be reserved for $25 per spot per day

Event spots are may be reserved for $10 per spot per day