Recycle Right

Recycle right and reduce your carbon footprint. Reducing waste in Aspen can be confusing. That's why we offer our services to residents, visitors, businesses, and waste haulers. While we do not provide waste removal services, we do provide education, information, training, and tools for how to reduce waste. By using reusable containers and bags, composting food waste, and recycling right, we can divert materials from the landfill, reducing pollution and preserving our natural resources.

Curbside Recycling

Local Waste Haulers offer trash, recycling, and compost curbside services in Aspen.  

These items are recyclable at your home, business, or Pitkin County Landfill.

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These items are NOT recyclable in Aspen.

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Rules for Home and Business Recycling

Get the Recycling App

  • Check out our Valley’s new recycling guide provided by EverGreen ZeroWaste. Just enter in your item and it tells you how to dispose of it.
  • Put the new recycling app on your phone with these links:

Changes at the Rio Grande Recycle Center

RGRC Sign 2020

Other items:

See Aspen’s Recycling Ordinance (PDF) to learn more about the City’s recycling policies.