Business Services Group

Aspen Parks and Recreation has enjoyed an online electronic relationship with the department's patrons for a solid decade, a significant milestone. Adoption of "Online" by APR's customers has grown from 0% in 2007, to an industry-leading 85% in 2017. The BI Group actively mines, models and projects trends and analysis from the data collected in the process.

Business Intelligence

The distillation of business intelligence is ongoing:

  • Creating an awareness of, and investigation into, emerging recreation programming trends, opportunities and responsibilities
  • Establishing the best match of parks, recreation and golf experiences with the exacting desires of APR's patrons
  • Implementing the best and most user-friendly methods for purchasing and accessing that programming, using the most industry-current technologies available

Measuring intangibles that haven't yet been measured. Ensuring that the department's divisional Directors have the best intel possible, in real time, in order that they can make the best possible business decisions for their various Divisions.

Net Effect

The net effect is the best product possible for the most affordable rate, helping people where and when they need it. The APR BIT Group efforts help to increase revenues by maximizing returns while minimizing subsidy levels (which are otherwise required from the tax payer). The BIT Group actively monitors the Industry of Wellbeing, keeping an eye towards the future with actionable business insights based on trusted data. Improving the lives of APR's members and visitors alike, while reaching more and more of them.