Front Office Hours 

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Due to the rise in COVID-19 cases in Pitkin County, front desk services are available by appointment only. To schedule an appointment for VIN inspections and/or other services, please call 970-920-5400.  

Who We Are

The Aspen Police Department serves the unique mountain town and community of Aspen, Colorado. Twenty-four patrol officers, three detectives, six community response officers, and four civilian employees serve our full-time and visiting populations nestled within the four square miles of the Roaring Fork Valley.

We serve with the guiding philosophy to build consenting relationships within our community and garner mutual trust, and we work to enhance the safety and feeling of security for residents and visitors alike through effective crime prevention and overall care. The public is the police, and the police are members of the public.

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We speak Spanish! Se habla español.  

El departamento de policía de Aspen tiene persona que habla español. Por favor llame (970) 920-5400 y pregunte por alguien que hable español.

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