Social Sustainability for a community means it provides a good quality of life including environmental stewardship and economic prosperity. It is accessible and has opportunities for participation and engagement.

Education & Lifelong Learning

The Aspen community has access to excellent (pre)schools. Students achieve academically and develop social assets needed for life success.


Household Financial Security

Individuals and families can thrive in Aspen. There are sufficient jobs and wages. Social assistance programs are available and accessible.

Apartment building

Health & Well-Being

The balance of mind, body, and spirit is exemplified in Aspen. The citizenry has healthy life habits and access to affordable medical services.

Aspen Valley Hospital Sign

Public Safety & Preparedness

Crime rates are low. Public spaces are safe and accessible to everyone. Effective planning is in place to prepare for emergencies.

Aspen Police SUV

Community Connections

Community engagement opportunities are plentiful. Participation and engagement rates are high. 

People in a classroom