Current Projects & Updates

Projects for 2018, coming soon. 

Project Construction for 2016

Cozy Point Management Plan

Project work will include extensive outreach to enable development of a management plan. The completed management plan will guide the administration of the existing wildlife, equestrian, and agricultural heritage with potential new recreation and development opportunities. The research and outreach for this process will carry forward until the end of 2016.

Burlingame Parks 1 & 2

Project work will include design and construction of two (2) new public parks located within the Burlingame Ranch Phase II neighborhood area. Park features will include a half-court basketball court, shade shelter, open lawn, stormwater wetlands, paved and unpaved trails and an irrigation pump house building. Construction is planned to be completed summer 2017.

Neale Avenue Improvements & Prockter Open Space Water Quality Improvements

Project work began in the fall of 2014 and is a partnership with the Engineering Department to improve traffic speeds, pedestrian safety, water quality and the interface between Neale Avenue, Herron Park, and Prockter Open Space. Stormwater conveyance improvements will significantly improve the water quality prior to entering the Roaring Fork River through the construction of stormwater wetlands, similar in character to the completed Jennie Adair Storm water wetlands. Design and planning efforts for the Prockter Open Space has been completed, with site construction currently underway planned to be completed October 2016. The restoration, implementation of wetland and native plants will take place Spring 2017 as weather permits.

Additional Projects

The Parks and Open Space Department also has some joint projects in 2016 with other City departments and agencies.