The Challenge

In addition to Canary's efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the City of Aspen is planning and preparing for a different climate in the future. 

  • Our climate is changing and will continue to change.
  • This change affects Aspen’s community, visitors, environment and economy.
  • The spectrum and severity of changes we will see depends on greenhouse gas pollution going forward.
  • We need to prepare for impacts while reducing our carbon footprint.

What is Climate Resiliency?

Preparing for climate change impacts by reducing our exposure to future risks while strengthening our capacity to respond is referred to as “climate resiliency.” Our preparations will benefit the community now and in the future.


Aspen's climate is already changing and will continue to do so. The City worked with the Aspen Global Change Institute to understand how anticipated changes are likely to affect ecosystems, recreation and tourism, public health and safety, the built environment and infrastructure, and energy and water. Climate Change & Aspen reports published in 2006 and 2014 detail likely climate impacts along with adaptation strategies in key sectors.

View full Climate Change reports and executive summaries of those reports.

Table 4.1 Summary of Possible Climate Impacts by Sector