Water Conservation

Water is essential to living, working, and playing in Aspen. Our goal is to help community members become stewards of our shared resource by saving water at home and work.

Stage 2 Water Shortage 

August 13th, 2018, the City of Aspen enacted a Stage 2 Water Shortage due to extremely low water levels due to low snowpack and little summer precipitation. The goal of Stage 2 is to protect the health of Castle and Maroon Creeks, which are running at only 30% of average for August, while maintaining Aspen’s municipal water at levels that can meet customers’ demands. 

Email WaterSave@CityofAspen.com or call 970.920.5110.

stage 2 water shortage restrictions

Read the full Stage 2 Water Shortage press release here

We understand that washing certain outdoor surfaces may be necessary in some cases, such as cleaning up spilled food and drinks. The surfaces listed (#5) in the restrictions may be washed with a bucket and mop/brush, or with a steam washer, as both practices use a very small amount of water. Soaps and cleaning solutions are prohibited as they can pollute our surface waters.

What’s Your WaterMark?

Aspen’s water is precious, so is your time. Consider how much water you use and conserve this year and every year. For information on water shortage, drought, pricing, conditions, and more email watersave@cityofaspen.com

Do You Irrigate?

Yes, I irrigate at my home or business:

  • Get a free water efficiency assessment for your irrigation system! Aspen Water customers with total water consumption of 29,500 gallons/month (approximately $150 monthly bill) or higher are prioritized for this limited number of free assessments. 

No, I do not irrigate at my home or business:

  • Replace old or broken faucets and showerheads with high-efficiency ones (contact Grace for free, water efficient fixtures).
  • Only run the dishwasher or washing machine with a full load.
  • Contact your HOA or management company to encourage them to conserve.

Business-specific Actions:

  • Ice machines and cooling towers are two common sources of excessive water use. Equipment upgrades and improved management practices can lead to major water savings. 
  • Be mindful of the example your business sets for the public. Limit washing sidewalks and vehicles, or using excessive or poorly managed irrigation.
  • Talk about water conservation with other business owners and your customers.

Want to do more?

  • Explore xeriscaping, native and water-wise planting, and voluntarily follow the steps in the City's Landscape Ordinance
  • Contact Grace Lodge (grace.lodge@cityofaspen.com) to build a water conservation coalition in your industry, on your block, or across the community.
  • Install a new water meter with real-time water usage data and leak detection. City of Aspen Water customers can contact us via email for more information.