The City's New Permit Management System

Applications for Tent, Fence, Sign, Tree, Parking Reservation, Temporary Encroachment, Permanent Encroachment, and Right-of Way permits are now being processed in the new Permits Management System.  Contractor Licenses also are handled in the new system.

YOU MUST FIRST REGISTER IN THE SYSTEM TO APPLY FOR PERMITS. Please Click here to begin the registration process. You will receive a confirmation email once you are registered asking you to set your password. After your password is set, you can apply through the customer portal for the above-listed permits. If you need assistance, please contact or 970-920-5065.

To go to the portal click here. You also may click on the appropriate permit listed below.

For information on permit requirements/checklists, click below. 

SignTemp/Perm Encroachment/ROW

Permit Department
Building / Construction
Community Development - Building
Fence Community Development - Planning
Fire Community Development - Building
Landscape / Grade
Mechanical / Electrical / Plumbing - Standalone Community Development - Building
Parks Reservation
Parking - Residential Parking
Permanent & Temporary Encroachment / Right of Way Engineering
Pitkin County (with City utilities)
Sign Community Development - Planning
Smuggler Mountain Superfund Soil Removal
Special Events Special Events
Tent Community Development - Planning
Tree Removal
Vacation Rentals
Community Development - Planning
Water Efficient Landscape