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Posted on: June 24, 2021

Recycle Right

Can, jars, and other items to recycle

Recycle right and reduce your carbon footprint. Reducing waste in Aspen can be confusing. Keep these waste items out of your curbside recycling: 

  • Styrofoam products such as packing materials, beverage cups, egg cartons, and meat trays. Try reusing packing materials. 
  • Take-away food containers unless they’re compostable.
  • Plastic toys and buckets. Try donating plastic toys and reusing buckets.
  • Plastic bags. Try reusable bags, instead.
  • Dirty recyclables. Recyclable food containers should be rinsed and free of food remnants.

When you include non-recyclables in your single-stream curbside recycling, the batch of recycling can become contaminated and end up in the landfill, anyway. You may also see increased fines from your waste hauler. 

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