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Residential Parking Permit Application & Renewal Form

  1. 1 Guest Permit Will Be Issued Per Residence.

    Attach a copy of your proof of residency within a residential parking zone at the bottom of this form. Acceptable documents include a driver's license, utility bill, property tax receipt, or lease in your name. We reserve the right to require additional documentation.

    If your address is eligible for more than one permit, attach a copy of your vehicle's registration. Your vehicle must be registered in your name, at your Aspen address and in Pitkin County to qualify for an additional permit. You may register up to 2 cars without charge.

    Should you own multiple properties in Aspen, permits will be issued for one property in which you reside.

    All outstanding parking tickets must be paid before permits will be issued.

  2. List ONLY IF your vehicle is registered in your name to your Aspen address

  3. List ONLY IF your vehicle is registered in your name to your Aspen address

  4. Permits DO NOT exempt vehicles from other parking regulations*

    *Including but not limited to the 72-hr parking limit, no parking in 3am-7am zones, fire zones, snow removal zones

  5. Permits DO NOT exempt vehicles from the requirement to obey posted signage *

    *Including but not limited to ADA, special event, construction parking

  6. Permit owner will retain possession of the guest permit and will only issue to guests visiting the registered address*

  7. Residential and/or guest permits must be surrendered if eligibility requirements are no longer met*

  8. Unauthorized use of permits may result in a fine based on the most current fee schedule and/or revocation of parking privileges*

  9. A replacement fee will be required for any lost or stolen permits based on the current fee schedule*

    *A history of frequent replacement requests may result in suspension of re-issue privileges.

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