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Residential Parking Permit Application & Renewal Form

  1. 1 Guest Permit Will Be Issued When Applying Per Residence.

    Residential Parking Permit (RPP) zones are used successfully nationwide to help reduce neighborhood parking overflow from retail and employment centers.

    An RPP zone allows the general public can park for a specified time period, while exempting residents with permits from the time limit. Aspen maintains a number of RPP zones and limits general parking in these zones to two hours. Residents with valid permits are exempted from the two-hour limit.

    Annual permits are available from the Parking Department and are renewed each fall.

    To qualify for a permit please attach the following:
    - Proof of residency (current driver's license, phone or electric bill, lease, etc.)
    - Vehicle registration only if your vehicle is registered in Pitkin County at your Aspen address.
    - Outstanding parking tickets must be paid before a permit can be issued. They can be paid online or in person.

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