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Park Rental Inquiry

  1. Use this form to inquire about park rentals for your special use. Since all City of Aspen Parks are public parks, this procedure simply helps us avoid scheduling other activities during your event. Please note that having a reservation does not necessarily give you exclusive use of a park.

    The City of Aspen reserves the right to approve or deny any park usage or rental inquiry. Considerations in decision making include other rentals, impact on parks and/or resources, capacity of parks and blackout dates due to events or holidays. 

  2. Is your event open to the public or private/invitation only?*
  3. Is there a fee to attend?*
  4. Will there be amplified sound or live music?*
  5. Will there be any temporary structures set up?*

    This includes tents, bleachers, stages, booths, etc.

  6. Will you prepare and/or serve food at your event?*
  7. Will you serve/sell alcohol at your event?*
  8. Electricity/Power

    Electricity is not provided for Park Rentals. If you require electricity for an event or gathering, a City of Aspen Electrical Permit may be required. It is the applicant's responsibility to contact Rob Gregor (970-429-1993) or Cole Langford for electrical inquiries or more information. 

  9. Parking

    If you would like to inquire about reserved parking, please contact the City of Aspen Parking Department by email or calling 970-920-7473. Additional fees may apply. 

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