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Records Request Form

  1. This form should be used to request reports for incidents which occurred within the City of Aspen and involved Aspen Police Officers or Aspen Community Response Officers.

    Reports will be reviewed by appropriate personnel to determine if reports can be released. In some instances, the released report may have information redacted. This completed request form may be faxed, mailed, hand-delivered, or scanned/emailed to the Aspen Police Records Office. No reports will be released without a signed and completed request form and payment of the appropriate fees. Please provide as much of the following information as possible.

  2. Type of report:*

  3. Do you have the case report number?*

  4. Payment:

    For your request to be processed you must call the records department at 970-429-1852 and provide credit card information.

  5. Fees:

    Accident reports: $5

    Case reports: $5 per case, plus $.25 per page review fee

  6. Required agreement

    By submitting this form, I affirm that these records shall not be used for the direct solicitation of business for pecuniary gain, in accordance with CRS 24-72-305.5.

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